Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Meet & Greet #2: Lea of LeonaM!


Meet Lea, the 16-year-old mastermind behind the blog LeonaM from Pardubice, Czech Republic. Her blog is characterized by beautiful photography and a natural talent for looking super-sharp. At this crazy young age, she already has a solid fan base - she may just be a potential superstar in the making! See her 8 answers below.
1 - Do you find that, in the world of fashion blogging, it makes a difference that you are so young? Do you think it's easier or harder for you? Are there any particular challenges or benefits?
I think there are a lot of young bloggers. Sometimes people do not understand why I have so many clothes at such a young age. But otherwise it's okay.

2 - Are your schoolmates aware of your blog? If so, does it make them view you any differently?
My friends know that I have a blog. My classmates, probably not - they are not interested in fashion.

3 - Who is your biggest fan?
My mom!

4 - What was the worst present you ever got?
 I do not know - pretty much all the presents I get are nice, but the worst would have to be a calculator.

5 - Coke or Pepsi?
Neither - water!

6 - If you were an animal, what would you be?
I would be a leopard.

7 - Do you play an instrument/any sports?
I danced disco dance and hip hop.

8 - How many people/animals live in your house?
Me, my mom, and Lilly, my dog.

You can follow Lea on bloglovin, instagram, lookbook, formspring, and tumblr.


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