Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabulous Fridays: Adrienne of Ma Dernière Addiction

Adrienne of Ma Dernière Addiction, a beautiful young pre-med student from Orange Beach, California, has been managing blogging with school for 2 years. She's smart, motivated, and of course, always super-stylish! Check out her interview below.
1 - How did you get started blogging?
As a child/teenager, I always found myself flipping through fashion magazines and looking for inspiration for my daily outfits (which I still do). As a result of my desire for high fashion looks, I decided to create outfits that resembled runway looks and I received lots of compliments at school! Throughout high school, no one really dressed up so I stuck out like a sore thumb! I remember wearing wedges to school once and I received the most awkward looks from my classmates... After I graduated and entered the college world, practically no one attempted to dress up! The typical look at school was (and still is) the school sweater, skinny jeans, and sandals/vans/Toms. Since I am a Biological Sciences major, finding someone who made any attempt to stand out from the crowd was like trying to find a UFO. From that moment, I decided to make a blog to share my voice in fashion with a wider crowd with people who actually cared about fashion.

2 - How do you manage to juggle school and blogging? Do you think you will still be able to maintain your blog if you go to medical school?
Managing school and blogging can be difficult at times especially when I have midterms and finals piling up on each other... Just recently I had two major midterms in my core classes so I was unable to update my blog as frequently. However, my blog, just like music, is my outlet. It's how I stay sane and not break down from all the stress at school. I also consider blogging a highly enjoyable hobby! Once I get into medical school, I actually believe blogging will be easier. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but the grades are on a pass/no pass scale. However, that doesn't mean I'm totally going to slack off, I want to get into a good residency program! Hopefully, I get into medical school in California (fingers crossed)!!

3 - Who is usually your photographer? How did you meet them?
My mom is usually my photographer! We take pictures at the places we visit or random places we see along the way. I love taking pictures at different places since it makes my blog, in my opinion, more interesting. And, well... my mom gave birth to me so I met her when I was born!

4 - Do you have any siblings?
I am an only child! Most people believe that being an only child sucks but I love it! I wouldn't have it any other way! My mom gives me her full attention and supports me in all my endeavors!

5 - How has living in California influenced your style?
I was born and bred in California and it has influenced my easy, breezy California style. I'm not a skinny jeans type of girl (unless I'm wearing boots) so you'll see me in A LOT of wide legged jeans. I love pairing them with flowy tops that produce a bohemian feeling. Anyways, it's nice and toasty for the majority of the year so I love wearing lightweight dresses to the beach anytime of the season. I believe California is the epitome of independent and carefree style.

6 - What's your favorite period of style history?
My favorite period would have to be the 60s/70s. I'm a huge fan of hippie fashion and I love how a simple shift dress can look good on anyone! Though I do modernize them with heels and not huge white boots, haha! But if I were to get a bit more romantic, I would love to travel back to the victorian ages. Something that's on my bucket list is to attend Le Carnaval de Versailles! It's an event in France where you can dress up as a victorian character for the entire night and not look like a complete freak!

7 - Do you consider yourself healthy/fit? How do you stay in shape?
I consider myself a moderately fit person. I try to exercise as much as I can but it can be difficult at times. To ensure that I get a bit of a work out, I brisk walk EVERYWHERE and I always take the stairs. People at the place I research think I'm insane since I walk up 12 flights of stairs to get to the office, haha maybe I am. If I do decide to work out for the day, I might go out for a jog or do some P90X (Ab Ripper X and Cardio X). P90X is INTENSE but it really works and you see results within a week (at least I did!).

8 - Describe your high school self.
I entered high school knowing only a few people since I transferred in. As time progressed I met a lot of people and became acquaintance with an enormous amount of people but I didn't really have "friends." No one exactly shared the same interests I did and there was always a wall between me and other people. I didn't open up to anyone until I met my high school sweetheart, who is still my boyfriend! Anyways, I always dressed up in high school, I was concert master of my high school orchestra, I was technology chair in a club, I was in the California Scholarship federation, and I graduated 5th in my class. I was just that fashionable nerd who walked around school. So I didn't really fit into any mold... I hung out with what you would call the "nerds" and all we would talk about was classes and school. Sometimes I was with the jocks and all they could talk about was music and entertainment. The popular people were only interested in going to parties and drinking and I didn't associate myself with the druggies and emos who hung around the portables... I found them a bit scary! Even though I was a lost soul, I never lost sight of myself.
To all those girls and guys out there who feel like the don't belong, it's honestly okay. I didn't belong to any group and I made it, so pick up your chin and you shall survive. Don't let the pressure of trying to fit in consume you - it'll only destroy you. Dare to be bold, dare to stand out, dare to be proud.

Adrienne Nguyen, folks! Check out her blog here, and please follow her on her tumblr, lookbook, chictopia, twitter, and bloglovin! And happy Friday everyone!


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