Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Madness: Charmaine of Charmaine's Closet!

Hi everyone! We're kicking off the launch of 8 questions with a beautiful, young (still in high school!) blogger originally from Cambridge, England, who has so graciously taken the leap of providing the first interview - the lovely Charmaine of Charmaine's Closet!

Charmaine, only 17, has already been blogging for nearly a year! And clearly possesses a naturally creative and unique style and an impressive shoe collection - and she has perfected the messy updo! Scroll down for the interview.

1 - If you had to pick just ONE, who would you say is your favorite fashion blogger?
Lucy from Lulutrixabelle without a doubt!
Her style is so quirky, she's always on trend and most of the fabulous clothes she buys are from car boot sales! I love bloggers who dig out for deals, and she certainly does, and finds such beautiful clothes, she's also recently set up a youtube channel which I love just as much!

2 - Which item of clothing can you never get enough of?
Fur coats! Faux of course... I literally live in mine during the winter months! It's an item that can make a plain outfit look quite dressy and glam!

3 - What's your favorite type of weather?
I love Autumn weather! When it's cold outside but the sun is out, that you have to wrap up in a hundred layers, were it's dry but everything is covered with a layer of frost!
I love taking my dog out for walks in this weather so much, all the fields and woodlands look so pretty..

4 - Sweet or savory?
Sweet! I eat too much sweet food.. chocolate everyday! I'd rather eat a whole cheesecake for dinner than a bowl of pasta!

5 - What do you wear to bed?
My onsie/giant babygrow! They're so warm, I love the fleece lined ones, and primark sell them so cheap.. you need to wrap up in my bedroom, it's always like a freezer!

6 - What is your favorite school subject?
Out of the four subjects I take in sixth form I would probably have to say maths! Psychology and Biology have too many facts to remember, and in English we're reading Shakespeare, and I'm not a fan of his work!

7 - Describe your typical day.
I get up and go to school for five hours, come home and walk the dog, complete homework and revision, sometimes I have work, sometimes I have driving lessons... my weekdays are ever-so-boring! If I don't have homework (which is rather rare) I blog, go out and see my friends, or chill out in front of the TV.. My weekends are always busy though, mainly shopping and socializing!

8 - Would you rather be liked or admired?
I'd rather be liked! Admired is quite a strong word, that someone looks up to you.. I don't believe in looking up to someone and wanting to be like them. You are who you are and I think each person should stick to who they truly are and not try to become like someone else!

Charmaine of Charmaine's Closet, everyone! You can see her blog here, follow her on lookbook, or follow her on instagram at @charmaine_cowland!

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