Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Madness #2: Brenda of Give Live Love Life!

Time for Monday Madness round #2! This Monday we're featuring the lovely Brenda of Give Live Love Life, a blog mostly dedicated to Brenda's personal style and life.

Brenda is a Dutch law student who has been blogging from Amsterdam for about a year and a half now. In that short time, she's built up an impressive following, no doubt due to her beautiful outfits, impeccable photography, and witty commentary. To learn more, just scroll!
1 - What kind of law do you study? How do you manage your blog and law school?
I'm doing my Master in Information Law since September of this year. Since this is an important year, studying always comes first. I try to take outfit pictures in between classes but if I'm too busy for that I just don't blog for a couple of days.

2 - What's your comfort food?
My comfort food is anything unhealthy really, but I like licorice and chocolate cookies the most.

3 - Favorite fabric?
My favorite fabric is wool, but that's probably because my favorite garments are my big sweaters.

4 - Would you rather retire in the country or the city and why?
I moved from a small village to Amsterdam 4 years ago and I can't picture myself living anywhere else ever since. I'd also love to live and work in another big city such as London or New York (!!) but I don't think I will ever move back to a small village again.

5 - What's your favorite cut of jeans?
I can't really choose which cut of jeans I like the most. It's been skinny jeans the past few years but I've been looking for a good pair of flared jeans for a long time. I can't seem to find a good pair though, and the same goes for a pair of boyfriend jeans.

6 - How would you describe Amsterdam's style as opposed to other major cities?
I've never really paid attention to fashion/street style in other major cities. It is said that you can wear anything in Amsterdam and people will not be shocked by it but personally I think Amsterdam is pretty down-to-earth/simple when it comes to fashion. In daily life you won't see people expressing themselves outrageously fashion-wise - there probably is a small group of people who do, but I only see them when it's Amsterdam Fashion week.

7 - How many countries have you been to?
Let's see, I've been to: London, Antwerp, Berlin, Barcelona, Torino, Aruba and Prague. I'm probably forgetting a few but this is about it.

8 - How much is too much for a sweater?
I hate spending a big amount of money on just one item. Sweaters are my favorite garments but I've never spend more than 50 euros on them.

You can find Brenda's blog at Give Live Love Life and you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, lookbook, and bloglovin! See you all on Wednesday!


  1. just stumbled upon this blog - i absolutely love the concept!
    brenda is adorable, especially in sparkles :)

    xandra ★

  2. Great looks! Love your blog!


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